in which julie learns that keiko is dead

part of an actual conversation from my online icelandic course…

*the scene: a group of tourists (Ferðamaður = Mr. Tourist) are on a whale watching tour with their guide, Hafliði*

Hafliði: Á sumrin eru margir háhyrningur hér. (In summer, there are many killer whales here)

Ferðamaður: Er Keiko hérna? (Is Keiko here?)

Hafliði: Keiko? Nei, hann er dauður.  En hnísan kemur að landi á vorin… (Keiko? No, Keiko is dead. And then something about porpoises.)

Seriously, Hafliði???  Just like that, you drop that news?  Don’t even give Mr. Ferðamaður a chance to grieve his blubbery pop culture icon loss?  That’s just cold, Hafliði.

Anyway, Keiko and I are sort of connected, because apparently he was born in or near Icelandic waters, and of course he lived a few hours south of me in Oregon for awhile.  And part of his hit feature film, Free Willy 2, was filmed at the former Camp Nor’Wester on Lopez Island.  My brother and sister remember seeing docks that they built on the property just for filming.  And yes, while we’re here I might as well admit that I was a pretty big fan of the Keiko/Free Willy stuff back in the day.  So, I’m sorry you’re dauður, Keiko.  It would have been exciting to think there was a chance of seeing you on my trip.  But perhaps I’ll have to settle with digging through our VHS collection and holding a memorial viewing of Free Willy.