I’m a 20-something Washington State native and Fulbright/Árni Magnússon Institute grantee currently studying Icelandic as a Second Language at Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland) in Reykjavík.

My lifelong dream of coming to Iceland first came true in 2012.  I am descended from Icelanders who emigrated to North Dakota in the 1880s, and although I’ve always been aware of my heritage, I had only explored it in bits and pieces until summer 2012, when I participated in the Snorri Program.  Along with 15 other Canadian and American young adults, I had the incredible opportunity to explore my roots and discover what it means to be Icelandic.  The first two weeks were spent in Reykjavík, studying language, culture, and history.  For the next three weeks I stayed with relatives in Patreksfjörður, worked at a grocery store and a fish factory and went sightseeing around the Westfjords.  The final week we all reunited for a whirlwind tour of Iceland’s most spectacular sights.

I started this blog to detail my Snorri trip for friends and family back home, but now it chronicles my musings and discoveries as an international student, American expat, and Fulbrighter*.

Takk fyrir að lesa!

(Fine print: Views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone and are not representative of the Fulbright Program or the Árni Magnússon Institute.)

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