westfjords weekend


One weekend in July, Jan and I headed to the Westfjords for a quick getaway. It was the first time I’d been there since road tripping with my mom last summer. We took the ferry from Stykkishólmur on Saturday morning, then drove across the mountains and stopped for coffee in Þingeyri before continuing on to Ísafjörður. The weather wasn’t great on the way, but the deluge of rain held off until we arrived in Ísafjörður, which was fine as our one and only plan there was to eat dinner at Tjöruhúsið.

Our AirBNB was a cozy little apartment with some entertaining decor. Decor might not even be the correct word. The owner has printed instructions and comments all over the walls themselves, instead of leaving them on paper or something. The wall clock in particular sent me into several undignified fits of laughter. “Darling, should we have dinner at half past horse?” “Yes, but we need to be in bed before slightly lewd panda.”

Sunday we retraced our path over the mountains, again stopping for coffee in Þingeyri, and stopping again at Dynjandi since the weather was much more photo-worthy than the day before.




We continued west to Patreksfjörður, where I did my three-week homestay as part of the Snorri Program in 2012. I had called my host mother, Hrafnhildur, to ask if we could stop by, and of course when we arrived she kindly offered us coffee and cakes. I had seen Sæmundur last year when my mom and I visited, but Hrafnhildur had been away, so it was wonderful to see them both. Unfortunately we could only stay and visit for about an hour before we had to turn around to get back to the ferry. It was entirely too short a visit, but Sæmundur and Hrafnhildur have invited us back any time. I truly hope it will somehow work out to get back there soon. I would love to spend more time with them. It’s really a completely different experience being with them now that I can communicate effectively in Icelandic.






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