maí, take 2

Suddenly June is almost gone and I never even finished writing about May. Here are a few of the slightly more noteworthy things I did in the second half of May:

I hiked Esja for a free Ásgeir concert.

Mobile phone company Nova and helicopter company Helo sponsored a mountaintop Ásgeir concert. Nova customers were notified by text message, but news also leaked onto the internet, which is how I found out. I told a few friends and I think Steffi started packing before she’d even finished reading the message.

I was babysitting that day, but I was able to find a ride out to Esja through Facebook. And in true small-world-Iceland fashion, it turned out that this girl and I have three friends in common – in the States. Of course! We arrived at the foot of Esja a bit on the late side and my friends had already started hiking up, so I ended up on my own after not too long (well, on my own, along with hoardes of Icelanders streaming past me in their impeccably dressed glory, because Esja is totally No Big Deal for alvöru Víkingar). That was all well and good, until I slipped and fell face-first in the mud. The upsides? Apparently I’d had a premonition of disaster to come, because for some strange reason I had tossed a pack of baby wipes into my backpack, which came in very handy. I also managed to fall right next to a little stream, which made it easier to de-mud. And perhaps best of all, I can proudly say that I kept my cool enough to understand when people asked me, in Icelandic, if I was okay, and to reply in Icelandic. So, coordination fail, but language win!

I actually don’t have a single photo from the concert, because I forgot my camera, which turned out to be a good thing as it probably would have ended up in the mud along with the rest of me and my stuff. So I suppose you will have to take me at my word that I was there and that I didn’t just make this up.

Had all my warm clothes not have been mud-soaked, I would have enjoyed the show a bit more, but as it was, I was rather freezing cold and in a bit of a sour mood. Still, it was a memorable experience, not the least because of what happened a couple days later on Facebook. There was a video of the event posted on Ásgeir’s official page, which my sister saw and commented on. Then this happened:

Ágeir kennir mér um Ísland

Yes, Ásgeir himself scolded me for my whining. With a smiley face.  So it was all worth it in the end.  ❤

I started jogging.

Flor and I started jogging (semi-) regularly around Tjörnin in the evenings. Some nights the weather is better than others, but with basically twenty-four-hour daylight, we figure the weather can’t be an excuse.

I started babysitting.

Since returning from Cyprus, I’ve been babysitting my 18-month-old cousin Nói more or less full time. I think he is the cutest Icelander I know. We dance together and play peek-a-boo and play in the sandbox and draw with chalk and go for walks and to the park and swing together. He likes me quite well as long as mamma and pabbi are nowhere in sight. He’s a little blonde ball of nonstop energy and he keeps me on my toes.

So, that was the end of May (which, coincidentally, was apparently the coldest May since 1979). June has been full and lively and beautiful and I am grateful to be here and filled with nothing but love for my home  ❤



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