L-H article: Saga Fest

When I bought my tickets to Cyprus, there was only one major drawback (besides, you know, spending money that I could have put toward paying off my student loans, but that’s another story): I would have to miss Saga Fest. Saga Fest, as you may recall from previous mentions on the blog, is an innovative music and arts festival. The first annual event was held May 23-24 on Stokkseyrarsel farm near Selfoss, South Iceland. Based on values like community, sustainability, and vulnerability, the festival was built from the ground up by friend and fellow Fulbrighter Scott Shigeoka and his fearless team.

Back in March, I sat down for a chat with Scott to discuss his vision for Saga Fest, his progress with it, and his experience living in Iceland. In anyone else’s hands, I would have worried that a project like Saga Fast was far too ambitious to accomplish in the time allotted (about nine months), but anyone who’s met Scott knows he is not someone to underestimate.

While I am disappointed that I couldn’t be there this year to support Scott and the Saga Fest team in their first year, I am glad that I was at least able to help spread the word.

You can read my article about Scott and Saga Fest on the Lögberg-Heimskringla website by clicking here.




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