the adventure begins: EdWinKota 2013

A year ago I had just returned from the best six weeks of my life.  I was jet-lagged and deep in a post-Iceland depression that would take me a full two weeks to get over.  Over the last year, I’ve stayed connected to my Icelandic friends and family and the greater Icelandic community in so many ways:

  • I joined the social media team for the Hofsós Icelandic Emigration Museum and the Lögberg-Heimskringla.
  • I wrote several articles for L-H.
  • I attended the INL Convention in Seattle and gave a short presentation about my trip.
  • I met Iceland’s honorary consul for Portland and have connected with other Icelanders in the Portland area.
  • I helped restart the Snorri Alumni Association newsletter.
  • I became an Associate Editor for the Lögberg-Heimskringla.
  • And just in general I have become one of the most Iceland-obsessed people I know (okay, that really isn’t true, because you see, due to the fact that I am so Iceland-obsessed, I am friends with many similarly Iceland-obsessed people.  But compared to your average American twenty-something female, I am very Iceland-obsessed).

Right now, I am sitting at Calgary International Airport, eating some Timbits, having just embarked on another adventure.  Sadly, this one will not take me to Iceland, but it is in all ways an Iceland-inspired trip.  I have dubbed it…

EdWinKota 2013!

First, I will visit my fellow Snorri Jolene in Edmonton.  We might even get to meet up with two other Snorris from our year.

Then, I’ll travel on to Winnipeg, where I’ll stay with cousins of a lovely couple I met at the INL Convention.  We’ll day trip up to Gimli and hopefully get to visit the group at Icelandic Camp.

Finally, I will cross the border into North Dakota to attend the Westford Family Reunion and the August the Deuce Icelandic festival.  I’m giving a presentation about my trip at the family reunion, and as a group we’re going to walk in the festival parade.

If I hadn’t gone to Iceland last summer, I definitely wouldn’t have met Jolene, I wouldn’t have attended the INL Convention and met this amazing couple who said, “Oh, we have cousins in Winnipeg who would be happy to host you!” and I probably wouldn’t have even made an effort to attend the family reunion.

The point is, Iceland, to me, means connection – with my roots, with people I would never have met and places I would never have gone without that magical, wild little island in the North Atlantic.  I remember Ásta Sól wrote us all an email a couple days after we left Iceland and she said something about not being sad because she knew she’d see us again and that our trip was only the beginning of the adventure.  What a wonderful beginning, and what wonderful adventures await!

Nine days.  Two countries.  Two states.  Two provinces.  A whole lot of miles (or kilometers – I better start using my Canadianisms).  It’s going to be a whirlwind.

I should have pretty regular access to WiFi so I will try to post here a few times, photos if nothing else.  And if I simply don’t have time, I will definitely write a recap when I return to the Northwest.


PS Besides the big things that are on the agenda, there are also a few smaller things I think I must do in Canada.  So far, all I have on the list is:

  • Eat Timbits – DONE!
  • Buy a KinderEgg
  • Buy something with a Canadian flag on it

I feel like this is quite a pathetic list, especially since I already did one of those three.  There have got to be other must-do touristy Canadian things.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.



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