skrítinn draumur

Last night I had a dream that I met Jón Gnarr, and he drove me around the city (presumably Reykjavík, although I don’t remember distinctly).  We were cruising along have a grand old time, but then I realized I had to get to some sort of Snorri final examination.  I think I was briefly concerned, but then I decided that no one would hold it against me if I was late because I was hanging out with Jón Gnarr.

I’m sure this dream stemmed from the fact that I was chatting with someone about Jón Gnarr just the other day, as well as the fact that he was in the news for his recent participation in Reykjavík’s Gay Pride Parade… in any case, it was lovely to hang out with you in my dreams, Jón Gnarr.  Maybe some day you can show me around the city in real life – and in that charming pink dress.



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