bara sjö meira dagar á íslandi

góða kvöldið,

actually, it’s already the wee hours of the morning, so just a very quick post to say that it’s my last night in patró and i’m flying out of bíldudalur tomorrow afternoon.  all the snorris are reuniting for one more night in reykjavík, then we’re off on a whirlwind, week-long tour to see some of iceland’s most incredible sights.  ásta sól sent us the itinerary today and it looks amazing!

i probably won’t take my computer on the tour, and even if i do, i’m not sure how much internet access i might have, let alone time/energy to write.  so if you don’t hear from me for awhile, don’t be alarmed!  i think unplugging for awhile will actually be good for me, although i will try to keep notes and take lots of pictures so i can fill you in on all the details when i get home.

whoever you are, dear reader, i hope this finds you well, and i will write again when i have the chance.

i better go finish my thank you cards and start packing.

góða nótt.


One thought on “bara sjö meira dagar á íslandi

  1. Hannah

    Aww I will miss you! But you are coming home so soon! I am super super excited! Don’t forget to come to Lopez!


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